The Influence of Worker’s Work-Life Balance on Family, Organization and Individual

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UiJong Kim
ChangGoo Heo


This study divided work-life balance into multidimensional balance(work-family, work-growth, work-leisure) and analyzed the effects of multidimensional work-life balances on family domain (family relation, family burnout), organizational domain (innovative work behavior, job efficacy reduction), and personal domain (psychological well-being, job strain) criterions. The main results and meanings of this study are as follows: First, it is more valid to interpret the balance of work-life as multidimensional factor structure (home, growth, leisure) than to interpret one-dimensionally. Second, the explanation of three factors (home, growth, and leisure) compared to one factor of work-life balance showed incremental explanation in variables such as family exhaustion, job efficacy reduction, psychological well-being, and innovative work behavior. In particular, work-growth balance among the three factors explained more than 15% of innovative work activities than one factor. Third, the discriminatory relationship between various life domains and multidimensional balance was observed in the relationship between home domain and work-family balance, organizational domain and work-growth balance, but did not appear in the relationship between individual domain and work-leisure balance. The results of this study are significant in that it provides basic data suggesting that multidimensional support is needed for work-life balance by showing that workers' work-life balance can be divided into various dimensions and that work-life balance has unique influence on each dimension. Finally, the limitations of this study and suggestions for future research are discussed that it is necessary to conduct a study on the moderating effect of individual differences in the relationship between work-life balance and various areas of life, and a study on the mediating effect including the determinants of work-life balance.


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Kim, U., & Heo, C. (2020). The Influence of Worker’s Work-Life Balance on Family, Organization and Individual. Korean Journal of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 33(3), 267–296. Retrieved from
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