Task conflict influences organizational effectiveness differentially based on given contingencies. Effective conflict management is thus necessary in order to properly utilize task conflict in organizations. The present research was conducted to uncover buffer conditions, or moderators that diminish transformation effect of from task conflict into relationship conflict. Specifically, the researchers proposed (1) evaluation apprehension and (2) relational intimacy would buffer the transformation of task conflict into relationship conflict. In the first research, 269 employees participated in self-report survey. The results showed that the transformation of task conflict into relationship conflict more occurred in a evaluation apprehension situation than a non-evaluation apprehension situation and less occurred in a relational intimacy than a relational non-intimacy. The researchers then conducted an experiment on 88 undergraduate students. The results of the second research also indicated that the conflict transformation less occurred in non-evaluation apprehension condition and relational intimacy condition in consistence with study 1. Based on the results, theoretical and practical implications, research limitations and future research directions are discussed.