Empirical Articles

Organizational Companionship

Youngshik Kim, Yongwon Suh

1-31 |

The interaction between leadership and personal power in work engagement

JaeSeok Jang, HyungIn Park

59-80 |

The social enterprises’ organizational commitment

Hyunsun Yang, TaeYoung Han

81-102 |

Malicious envy and benign envy in organization

Junyeob Kim, YoungSeok Park

103-121 |

The effect of goal orientation on continuous learning activity

Eolim Kim, Tae Young Han

123-147 |

The influence of job crafting and task identity on meaningful work

Alim Seo, Yeseul Jung, Young Woo Sohn

149-173 |

The relationship between work-family conflict and morale of female soldiers

Gui Hyun Son, Young Woo Sohn, Eun Kyoung Chung

175-194 |

The effects of personality and leader consideration behavior on team cohesiveness

Youngshik Kim, InHye Kim

195-220 |

The effect of the work meaning on organizational commitment

Miae Lee, Min Kim, Byungkeol Lee, Jinkook Tak

221-248 |

Relationships between role overload and work engagement among employees

Yukyeong Kim, Hyejeen Lee, HyungIn Park

249-279 |

Influence of equity sensitivity on cooperation intention

Seung Rib Park, Young Won Suh

281-302 |

Effects of alcohol drinking of employee on job engagement and interpersonal conflict at work

Sunhee Lee, Ok Young Ji, Philseok Lee

303-325 |

Effects of grit on organizational citizenship behavior

Yoo Jin Lee, Yonghwan Shin, Jiyoung Park, Young Woo Sohn

327-352 |