The relationship between work-family conflict and morale of female soldiers The mediating role of burn out and the moderating effect of glass ceiling

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Gui Hyun Son
Young Woo Sohn
Eun Kyoung Chung


The purpose of the present study was to investigate integrally the relationships among work-family conflict, burn out, and morale of the navy female soldiers. Also, the study illustrated whether glass ceiling moderated the relationship between burn out and soldiers morale. For this purpose, Surveys and supervisor-rating performance data of 205 navy female soldiers. It was found that the work–family conflict of females negatively influenced morale, and burn out mediated the relationship with work–family conflict and morale. Also, the perception of glass ceiling was found to control the relationship between burn out and morale. Specifically, when the women perceived glass ceiling perception high, it was confirmed that the negative influence of burn out on morale was strong. we discuss the implications of these results, study limitations, and practical suggestions for future research.


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