Empirical Articles

A test of construct validity of the work meaning inventory

Jinkook Tak, HyungJoon Seo, Yongjae Woo, HyeonJoo Sim

357-372 |

The effect of coaching leadership on creative behavior

HyunJeong Sung, Jinkook Tak

373-391 |

Emotional labor actors, well-being, and objective performance

ChoonShin Park, JaeYoon Chang

393-413 |

Identifying moderators of effects of task conflict on relationship conflict

Youngshik Kim, Sungho Han, Yongwon Suh

415-441 |

Who suffers the most from abusive supervision?

YeonSun Gwak, Yeseul Jung, YoungWoo Sohn

443-464 |

Latent profile analysis ofemotional labor strategies in subordinate roles

Soran Yeum, MyoungSo Kim

465-489 |