This study researches retirement awareness by wage peak workers in the public sector, where the growth of older workers is faster than the private sector and the employment of human resources is relatively rigid. To that end, this study used qualitative research methods to select ○○ company considering wage peak system, aging workforce, and salary peak employee size. The main results of the in-depth analysis at ○○ company are as follows: First, this study shows that wage peak workers experience retirement from outlier to outsider, the 60th birthday at their workplace, and not retirement but resign. Second, through in-depth interviews, three topics were 󰡔the retirement age at the age of sixty󰡕, 󰡔face retirement󰡕, 󰡔prepare for retirement󰡕. The following was analyzed that 󰡔the retirement age at the age of sixty󰡕 is babyboom-generation, my job-public enterprises, salary-peak system and aged friendly personnel system, 󰡔face retirement󰡕 is old age and relax, new start and forced frustration, 󰡔prepare for retirement󰡕 is family, relation, health, finance and housing, work, leisure and service Based on the above research results, The wage peak system, which was introduced exclusively for the aged society, should be implemented in conjunction with the aging-friendly personnel system, such as welfare support, education training, transfer support system and job relocation, rather than the design of simple wage adjustment system, and the need to provide support for the formation and management of an organization culture in which senior citizens and young workers can work together in an aging society.